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Hello, everybody!
I am here because of certain facts that are happening in a few weeks is for all customers of the Lodge.
Some people and most intimate friends were already aware of the actual process.
On August 8, access to the Mat Kungler, Sensual Mistery Store owner, was suspended for access to Second Life for research purposes, and therefore you can see below:

Subject: Warning or suspension of Your Second Life Account
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 03:49:08 -0700

Dear Mat Kungler,

This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account,
Mat Kungler, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or Community

Violation: Terms of Service: Permissions Abuse

Circumventing the permissions system to obtain rights not
intended by the creators of objects, avatars, scripts,
textures, notecards, etc. is prohibited by the Second Life
Community Standards and Terms of Service.


No additional action is being taken at this time.

As you can see, my case had no specification of which I was reported and Suspend account.
I sent the ticket as the support staff guided me, and waited the answer.
I kept creating clothes in another avatar, because I love working for people who like my creations.
For a long time I'm in Second Life, dedicating myself to more than three years, I've never experienced such situations occur that have come now.

I encrevendo this notification because I want to make clear to everyone, because I'm not afraid to be judged from the moment I'm not that wrongly accused.

Linden Lab is seen by right, or believes he has the right to act in such brutality on its residents before making a research on his life in the world or even what it is used to his life in Second Life.

My life was just work, I stay connected by creating and constantly doing updates to put the store in order to secure a job like any other in my real life.

Today on August 25, three weeks after my lock, after so call and try to talk to someone from the support of Linden Lab, the following email arrived:

Subject: RE: [00874987] A comment has been added to your Case.
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 23:03:35 +0000

Please reconsider my case, I believe have not violated any rules of linden, I never used copybot or other means to make copies, I have to pay my bills, I depend on the second life to work with, not just do this to me, I'm so long in the game, my job is only in second life, I have something else to do, please deliver me my avatar, if something is wrong in my inventory, remove everything, but please I need to work I have 250 in bills to pay and have no money. I want to review my case, please I depend on the second life to keep me.
I want a complete list of what I did wrong.
Mat Kungler

I'm not afraid to expose my life or Second Life as well, to why I always tried to walk as the rules rule.

My premium account is, I am of legal age and have a great creativity, just as everyone can see, is not well judged.

I have all files, all textures of my shop and the clothes inside my computer on an external hard drive, any alien thing they investigate, they could have access, for surely I would send anything to the end to prove my innocence.

I answered a ticket, and I again expect a decision by Linden Lab, because my access was blocked by IP.

His Sensual Mistery Store is in second life with access to the Sept. 23, starting this day, all the clothes are returned, unfortunately the envy of some people, make the sadness of many others.

I hope to return again with my same avatar, do not need anything, just my avatar, earlier, for surely I will return to Second Life all sit back and have your clothes in the Sensual Mistery Store.

Appreciate the cooperation of everyone for the success of these three years of Sensual Mistery Store, and hopefully soon return to nearly everyone.

Twist for me.
A big hug!

ps: I will certainly work with clothes, very soon, all in real life poderam have your Sensual Mistery in their wardrobe.

Mat Kungler
Designer Of Sensual Mistery Store

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