segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

.::CS::. The return of Mat Kungler in Cazzareli

I'm almost a year out of second life, just now I had a good night, very soon I'll be back with a new store in the same style Sensual Mistery and Mat Kungler.

I know there are many people waiting for my back because they love my clothes, then warn the people I'M COMING.

Wait, Cazzareli Store creations Cazzareli Soir, old Sensual Mistery Store.

2 comentários:

  1. I looking forward to your return, I loved blogging your clothes, u were actually one of the first ones who believed in me as a blogger and I'd like to continue working with you.
    Happy return!

  2. deleting posts? ok, remember some of my textures are availables all around because you, EXCLUSIVES ONES, I will be watching this,until you dont repair the damage you have not the right to go on selling nothing, and NEVER MORE use textures of anothers.mmm, why do you put this things copy and modify but not transfer ... let me think .. OOOH YESSS, because if some copy texture is not your problem but the creator problem, and if is transfer you might get the risk of a refund, well next time put in risk JUST your stuff, ok?, if you delete the post,I will do all posible to avoid you come back, instead to delete, answer!!!